Andalucia inspired

Last week I finished my latest handbag collection inspired by recent travels to Andalucia, Spain. Who better to shoot these new bags with than one of my favorite Paris photographers, the uber talented Catherine O’Hara. We set the date for a clear and calm Sunday, and headed for one of my favorite settings, Île Saint-Louis. To avoid the crowds we descended the stairs and the heart of the city became ours, at least for a moment.

Catherine O-Hara Photography-Kasia Dietz Handbagskasia-bags-27 kasia-bags-31kasia-bags-37To celebrate the coming of spring, I’m giving away one of my new Andalucia handbags. {From left to right: Cordoba, Seville, Granada.} To enter, leave a comment with your favorite bag and where you would like to travel. Winner chosen at random on March 10th. You can also enter via instagram at:

kasia-bags-56Here’s an outtake with Catherine’s adorable pooch Percy. I couldn’t resist a shot with him!

kasia-bags-78Thank you Catherine for such gorgeous photos! Had a wonderful time with you and Percy!

You can find all my handbags online at

lost in translation

London is a city close to my heart. The first European city I fell in love with, which became my home as a student, and the stage where my parents so serendipitously met. When I discovered a company providing bus service from Paris to London, (and giving away tickets) I had to investigate further, and share with my readers living in Paris. Who wouldn’t love to spend a little time with the Brits?

Cleverly, iDBUS came up with a list of English sayings that become lost in translation when converted to French. (I know this all too well living in Paris with an Italian and being a fan of British humour.) To enter the contest and win 2 round trip tickets from Paris to London (or vice versa), leave your funniest ‘lost in translation’ story on the iDBUS Facebook Page and feel free to share them with me too! Here, some examples to inspire you…

Winner will be chosen end of day October 1st. Good luck!

Lost in Translation by iDBUS

four years!


Today marks four years in Paris. Hard to believe how quickly time passes, does it ever slow down? Not to labor on all the sentiments, hardships, and celebrations of the last 4 years (though certainly I could), I will simply say that it’s taken this long to feel that Paris is truly my home. Whenever I return to NYC, I embrace the city and it’s chaos, but it is Paris that I long to return to. The calm and culture. And in both cities, I cherish the people. Life is much about the people we share it with, and those that are truly dear, will forever be. Regardless of where life takes us.


Fittingly, today I took part in a project all about New York in Paris, very proudly of course! More on that later. In celebration of this exciting endeavor and my Paris Anniversary I am giving away a bag! Simply leave a comment with your favorite French word or phrase (who knows, it could appear in my new Paris bag collection) and the bag you’d like to win, from any of the collections:

Winner will be selected randomly & announced August 27th! Bonne Chance!

Murder Below Montparnasse

Live what feels like a real life investigation involving stolen art in Paris? Don’t mind if I do.

Cara Black

On one of her many visits to Paris I met gifted author with an appetite for suspense, Cara Black. Today her new book Murder Below Montparnasse is revealed to the world, starring her French private investigator and heroine, Aimée Leduc, well known to those who have read other of Cara’s books. This time Aimée is on the hunt for a missing Modigliani, at the cost of many a life, cautious to protect her own. The rest I will not reveal, as this is a mystery after all, and should be delved into without too many a clue.

To indulge the reader further, Cara has offered a free trip to Paris in October, where you can carouse the same cobbled streets that so many artists, writers and private investigators have walked upon, with Cara as your tour guide no less. Perhaps she will reveal a few clues along the way?

Find out more about how to “Win A Killer Trip to Paris“…  suspenseful reading and bonne chance!

walk of life

When I discovered that the travel site Trippando along with Travel – Moments in Time was hosting a contest on the topic of ‘beaches’, I couldn’t resist. Not simply because I love to write about travel and have walked many a beach in my life, but because the grand prize is a stay at Elba Island’s fabulous Acacie resort. Another beach I hope to explore!

Walk of Life

I grew up on the vast sandy stretches of the Hamptons, the South Fork of Long Island, New York. These beaches became my home. Often I would stare at the sea and dream of the infinity that lay beyond. Perhaps within this infinity lay my future, and I tried to catch a glimpse. And always, I would walk.

The years passed and my walk continued. Year after year upon the same calming shores. With the sands at my feet and the whispers of the ocean my solace, I knew this was my place. And yet.

It was not until I left those shores for others much less familiar and comforting that life began to reveal itself. Perhaps the whispers had provoked my fate, knowing better than I that my walk was longer than the sands of only one beach. And so I continued, barefoot and curious, upon the shores of Brazil’s remote Fernando de Naronha, Bali’s kaleidoscopic sands, Thailand’s multifarious banks, Australia’s rugged paradise, Mexico’s tropical landscape, into Italy’s dramatic coastline.

Fernando de Naronha, Brazil

Monterosso al Mare, Italy

My walk led me from one beach to another. Each more intriguing and revealing than the last. The whispers continued, and I embraced their varied tones.

Tulum, Mexico

I returned to my beach. The one I once called home. And again. But this time I was not alone. A set of footsteps, slightly larger than my own, found their way alongside mine. My walk of life continued, in the same place it had started. The whispers now, were our own.

Westhampton Beach

Since then my walk has led me to the enchanting shores of Corsica and the Greek Isles. As life evolves the walk continues, to beaches yet to be discovered.