cheers to life!

As this year comes to a close I think about all that I have seen, felt, experienced… and I feel very grateful. Ready to begin a fresh year, happily unaware of what it will bring. Rather than make a list of resolutions, as I have the habit of doing (needless to say that mastering the French language would be at the top of that list), I have decided not to write a list of what to do but rather, how to live. I have long ago decided that life is not meant to be lived with regrets, and this, the Top Five Regrets of the Dying only confirmed why. Wisdom indeed comes with age, and we can learn a thing or two from those who have lived. So I share these insights with those alive and well.

1. live a life true to yourself, not the life others expect of you (perhaps most important of all)

2. don’t work so hard (seems the French have this one figured out)

3. have the courage to express your feelings

4. stay in touch with your friends

5. let yourself be happy

Wishing you all a new year filled with less work, more time with friends and always, happiness!

I shall be celebrating Christmas in Monterosso and the New Year in Barcelona. Back in 2012…

6 thoughts on “cheers to life!

  1. I think allowing ourselves to feel absolute joy is probably one of the hardest things to master out of everything! Great ideas to follow in 2012! Enjoy your time in Monterosso and happy new year, spanish style!! xoxo

  2. I love your post title but, even more, I love your outlook and insights for how to live happily. The last three in particular seem so obvious, yet they’re not things we often acknowledge or indulge in. Cheers to being happy, expressive, appreciative, connected and grounded! Bons Fetes, ma cherie! Tu me masques! xo

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