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Art has always provided a source of inspiration, particularly modern and contemporary. Where better to lose yourself but in the mind of an eccentric artist? Lucky for me, I have several friends who moonlight as art connoisseurs, not to mention the artists I have also come to know and collect. One such friend from the early days of New York’s GenArt, invited me to the preview of FIAC, Paris’s grand international contemporary art fair. A reunion at the Grand Palais, parfait!

What contemporary masterpieces did we find within this historic setting? Many.

Beginning with Anish Kapoor.

A literary donkey by Pilar Albarracin.

The humorous and thought provoking Richard Prince.

Even a little ‘walking art’?

My retro tote felt right at home with this Julio Le Parc painting.

This Geneviève Claisse was another favorite.

I was also impressed by these six works by Charline Von Heyl. (Yes, I’m in a black and white phase.)

To end the art tour, a little color infusion with these acrylic on silk paintings by Matti Braun.

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  1. Lize October 24, 2011

    I went to Fiac on the weekend also! The Anish Kapoor stuff was great! I had never been inside the Grand Palais before and it was so lovely!

    • Kasia October 24, 2011

      Glad you enjoyed it! I was lucky enough to see the preview last Wednesday. Such a beautiful historic setting!

  2. Sweet Freak October 24, 2011

    Nice! I actually like all the pieces you shared here… a rarity for me! And you and your retro tote look fabulous in front of that painting – I see a whole catalog shot in front Julio and Geneivieve’s work!

    • Kasia October 24, 2011

      My what great taste in art you have! 😉 Happy to share sweets AND art with you! That painting (and a few others) certainly merits a photoshoot.

  3. Paris Paul October 24, 2011

    You’re so trendy even your tote is art!

    It looks like a blast. Paris Karin and I went to the Grand Palais for the Kapoor “Monumental” and loved the building as much as the art.

    • Kasia October 24, 2011

      And now you know why art inspires my designing. I too love Kapoor, glad you and Karin enjoyed the show. Though I suspect ‘anything’ in the Grand Palais would be spectacular!

  4. Robyn Blaber October 24, 2011

    Love it! I’ve been taking in so much art lately in the city… and art classes too!

    • Kasia October 29, 2011

      Glad you enjoyed it! Btw, as a lover of the arts, you may be interested in the bag painting workshop I’m offering soon. I can send you details, let me know.


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