meet Paul Klee

Art does not reproduce the visible; rather, it makes visible -Paul Klee 

If there were an artist I would have loved to sit down to dinner with a good bottle of French wine, (there are so many, but having to choose only one) it would be Paul Klee. Not simply because he was a talented musician, writer AND painter, nor for the fact that his unique style of painting included the art movements of expressionismcubism, and surrealism, but because certain of his paintings evoke in me a feeling so rare and magical that I would love to know the workings of his mind. To know how these painting came to life. I have learned this somewhat, by reading the passionate and provocative prose of his diaries, and whenever possible I search for his work in museums around the world, including two of my favorites, the Tate Modern in London and the MOMA in NYC.

Yesterday I spent the afternoon with Mr. Klee in Paris. He work was featured at the Musée de l’Orangerie, what is now one of my favorite museums in Paris (in addition to the Musée dOrsay, loved by all for it’s renowned Impressionist collection). The exhibition was very soon ending (today in fact!). I had been meaning to go for ages, and finally made a date with the master.

I brought my Italian, curious whether he would fall in love the way I did upon my first Klee encounter, so many years ago. Does not taste in art make a relationship even stronger? Well, not really, but if it’s a passion then surely it should be shared. We were both impressed with the collection of 26 works by Ernst Beyeler, one of the founders of Art Basel. I enjoyed the show but missed some of my favorite pieces that hang in Klee’s country of birth, Switzerland. 

That reminds me. One of the most memorable nights spent during my travels was in Bern. I arrived in the late afternoon, and as luck would have it, on my one night in the city, the Paul Klee Museum was open until 9pm. Needless to say, I spent over 3 hours in what felt like the most intimate encounter with a man and his work.

Klee once so wisely said, Art should be like a holiday: something to give a man the opportunity to see things differently and to change his point of view.

It is Paul Klee that speaks to me again now, in this time of wandering, that we must never cease to search, and always to dream.

Childhood was a dream, some day all would be accomplished. The period of learning, a time for searching into everything, into the smallest, into the most hidden, into the good and the bad. Then a light is lit somewhere, and a single direction is followed (that stage I now enter, let us call it the time of wandering).

One of my favorites: Chat et Oiseau (1928) 

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  1. s. August 18, 2010

    this is wonderful. a post about art to brighten my day.

    • Kasia August 19, 2010

      Glad you enjoyed it! Paul Klee is such an inspiring artist, I had to share a few words about him.

  2. stevie j December 16, 2010

    May you rise like the sun, throwing the covers off like clouds and having no expectations of the day…but being only in the moment. May your hands be busy as a clock and like a child put time in you’re pocket! By Stevie J. Edwards

  3. stevie j December 16, 2010

    Art is the essential flame the warms the soul, sparks the greater part of the human endeavor. The infernal thorn pricking the scientific mind set, for they must grovel at the alter of wild creativity…for without art there is no science! By; Stevie

  4. stevie j. edwards December 27, 2010

    Paul Klee has had a great influence in my artistic life. he is one of the master who’s shoulder I’ve struggled to stand upon…I absolutely love his work!

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  6. artifact1 July 1, 2013

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  7. jennifer March 12, 2014

    and love

  8. maria July 25, 2017

    I’m sure Paul Klee would have loved to sit down with you too – fabulous


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