New York, New York

New York City. My first love. The one who taught me most about myself. And the one who I will always hold dear. These Paris days, as months turn into years, I look back on my New York chapter with great nostalgia. As a designer and forever a New Yorker, following the success of my Paris Collection, it feels only natural to create a New York Collection to express my affinity. As Paris is becoming a part of me, so too will New York remain. And now (drumroll)… the grand unveiling!

Upside down or rightside up, it’s NY NY!

Forever a downtown girl.

With a high regard for Brooklyn.

Home in the Lower East Side. Available with UES, UWS, Soho…

On the inside a NYC girl. The bag reversed.

All New York bags hand-painted {with love} in Paris. Available soon on my website. If you MUST have one now, contact me at! And let me know your favorite below…

19 thoughts on “New York, New York

    • Thanks Karin! I worked hard to represent New York in a way that would mean something to me, yet could be appreciated by all. (And was not cliche.) Excited to share this collection!

    • Thank you Kate! YOU are the reason I began to visit NYC soooo many years ago. And the love affair never ended. Sending my best to you and the girls!

  1. Kasia, you did it – they are brilliant! It’s so funny… what I was imagining in my mind when we spoke about them at Chez Nenisse (!) is so different from what you’ve created. I guess that is why you are the designer! I love them – bravo!

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