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It is almost one year since I began a life of love in Paris, and Love in the City of Lights was born. What a journey it has been! Little did I know what I would learn and who I would encounter along the way, and all the friends I would make in between.

Through the experience of sharing my life with fellow expats and even a few hopeful romantics, I have come to know Paris, its culture and its people more intimately. I still struggle to understand (and accept) the many French cultural nuances, but I feel much more at home and much less an outsider. For these fellow bloggers (and many others not mentioned), and my dear readers, I am very grateful. I share this love with fellow bloggers, francophiles around the world, and Paris expats.

One of my first virtual friendships was with Andi of Misadventures with Andi, who blogs about many of my favorite subjects including travel, culture, love and of course Paris, always keeping the conversation varied and interesting. I hope to meet in person on her next trip to Paris! 

On the topic of life in Paris, so many I love! Beth Arnold I have come to know and admire for her sophisticated and unprecedented Letter From Paris. Lindsey, of Lost in Cheeseland shares many an anecdote on life as an expat, often with humor and always with candor. For the latest in goings on in the City of Lights, Kim inspires with I Heart Paris. Many secrets and cultural happenings are revealed by Heather in Secrets of Paris. The stories and visual poetry by Nichole of little brown pen, living between Paris and NJ, always cause me to feel lucky to live surrounded by so much beauty. Though many don’t realize it until living here, Paris is indeed imperfect and Sion brings this to light in Paris (Im)perfect. Marjorie, who is neither French nor has ever lived in France, writes my inner French girl, describing the French art of living. That undeniable je ne sais quoi that is so inherently French!

Of the mommy club which I am not yet a part, but have several expat friends who are, Barbara writes a very real and witty blog about the experience of living and raising children in a foreign country in International Mama. As a super Mama and freelance writer, she also writes The Expat Freelancer to help expat writers find their voice and use it. Another saavy American mama with many a story to tell to aspiring expat mothers is La Mom.

On the topic of food, everyone knows (or should know) David Lebovitz for his appetizing site about all things food related and author of The Sweet Life. I met David at a sexy book signing and hope to cross paths again over crepes at Breizh Cafe. For those with a sweet tooth, Cat, otherwise known as Little Miss Cupcake, creates the most delectable cupcakes! About where and what to eat (as the amount of dining options can be daunting) a wonderful new site recently launched, aptly titled Paris By Mouth. Food porn anyone? Through a good friend I met Cynthia, a writer and adventurous foodie from LA who writes about exactly that in Adventure Eating. All that eating but where to drink? Forest keeps a detailed account of the tastiest cocktails and happiest happy hours in 52 Martinis

On the topic of travel, one of my favorites, there’s a blog I simply love which bridges the gap between France and Italy, both of which I now consider my homes. Robin, a travel consultant and writer with great travel taste, captures the essence of two of the most beautiful countries in My Melange. I am also a fervent follower of the travels of  Granturismo, Lara and Terence, as they travel for 12 months in 24 destinations. Instant nostalgia for my 2007 travels, 13 months in 32 destinations.

New York City will always remain home to me (considering I now have 3, and counting). To keep myself connected to this dynamic city I begin my mornings with a café creme and a cup of Jo, much loved blog by fashionista and new mommy, Joanna Goddard. There are many more NYC blogs I read, including the inspiring and design saavy my turtleneck by Catherine Mangosing of Brooklyn.

I’m looking forward to discovering many more blogs, meeting many more bloggers and fellow expats, and continued adventures and musings on life and love in Paris in year two!

30 thoughts on “sharing the {blog} love

  1. Thank you so much for including me!! It’s been a pleasure getting to know you on and offline :) I can’t wait to see you again!

    Happy bloggy birthday – I look forward to reading more!

    • It’s been a pleasure to know you too Lindsey! We are forever bonded by the adventures of expat life in Paris. See you soon!

    • Thank you Sion! Blogging has been such a great way to connect with the world, specifically our little Paris world. Being alone becomes much less lonely. See you soon!

  2. Happy anniversary – what a fabulous recap post. I feel the same as you. The success of my blog depends on others. I am passionate about the people I have met and continue to be inspired by them and encouraged to continue doing this blogging thing!

    • Thanks Andi! I really had no idea just how much blogging would enrich me, both personally (as a means of expression) and socially. I have met some truly wonderful bloggers and readers thus far. From the very beginning you have inspired me to keep at it, for that I thank you.

  3. Very fine list of bloggers there – which makes it a pleasure to be included among them! Keep up the good work with the blog and hope to see you soon! xx

  4. Happy blogiversary and congrats on getting through your first year abroad. Keep meaning to respond to your last email and have not found the time!

    Delighted to have made the cut in your list of French bloggers! Thanks so much for the mention.

    Bises, Cat

    • Many thanks for your words of expat wisdom! It’s been quite a year! Keep blogging and baking, looking forward to tasting your concoctions soon :)

  5. Dear Kasia,
    I discovered your blog just a few weeks ago, but I’m already anxious to read more from you. Today’s list is wonderful – thank you!
    Have a very good second year :-)

    • Thank you Toni! I’m very happy to be able to share this experience (and my many thoughts) with fellow dreamers and travelers, like yourself. Year two holds many more adventures and surely a greater feeling of ‘home’ in Paris. More to come soon!

  6. Hey kasia,
    Congrats on the blogversary! So sweet of you to celebrate by sharing the love. Both you and your blog are awesome!
    Enjoy part 2 of your vacation. We are in Lyon now, heading to Liguria later today (yay!). See u in September!

    • Thank you Barbara! The world of blogging has really brought so much and so many into my life. I felt the need to express my gratitude, and ‘share the love’ with fellow expats.
      Enjoy your days in Tuscany! Many travel stories to catch up on in Sept!

    • Thanks for your kind words of support! I will definitely keep writing and sharing my thoughts and experiences on life, love, and the many pursuits.

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    • Thanks Robin! It’s been quite an adventure, both living in Paris and blogging. Love your many insightful stories/info on France and Italy!

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