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As much as I enjoy frequent visits to local galleries and museums, some of the most unique and interesting art can be found walking along the city’s streets. Even the street art in Paris appears to be inspired by the romanticism of the city, at least in my eyes. There’s one artist in particular who I admire and have been following, whose work appears on numerous facades all around the city. Illustrations that come to life, and always make me stop to look. His name is Fred le Chevalier.

“Doing street art is a way to talk with everybody, not just with a specific audience.”

“They come from my feelings. I identify myself with most of the characters.”

“I try to do things that are optimistic.”

“What I like about my work is that people can create their own meaning.”

“I like mixing poetry with street art.”

“My characters never are adult or child, man or woman, it’s always a mix.”

Fred le Chevalier began posting his work in the Marais, where he is most familiar, and has since reached walls all around the city, numbering two to three thousand posted pieces in the last 3 years. He is gaining fame internationally and has begun exhibiting in galleries. I’m certain this is just the beginning. I for one, will continue to follow his poetic imaginings all around the gallery called Paris.

To learn more about Fred le Chevalier here is an interview, his blog and facebook page.

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  1. Fred Le Chevalier October 23, 2012


  2. Susan October 23, 2012

    Very unique, and yes…poetic!

  3. annie v. October 23, 2012

    I hate, hate, this wall art , I feel it is imposed upon me wanting or not to look at it, it is quite arrogant of the person to put this in my face furthermore it destroys the wall where it is done, actually it is graffiti, there are other avenues if you need to express yourself…
    Annie v.

    • Kasia November 4, 2012

      I can understand how it may take away from the historic beauty of Parisian architecture, but I hardly find it offensive. Much street art is unattractive and even considered real graffiti, that I am not a fan of.

  4. Sasha Levenson-Wahl October 24, 2012

    I love this! So sweet and romantic and so different from everything else you see in street art throughout the city.

    • Kasia November 4, 2012

      I agree! It’s very romantic and I love discovering his work is hidden spots around Paris.

  5. Daisy de Plume October 24, 2012

    Wonderful post! Love how distinctive his style is and that he’s made the leap from street art (which I ADORE as a medium in general – subway tunnels especially) to galleries. Congrats Fred, let it be the start of a wonderful career!

    • Kasia November 4, 2012

      I am certain this is only the beginning of Fred’s vision, from the streets to galleries… Doesn’t Paris have the most elegant street art??

  6. Sweet Freak October 25, 2012

    I love Fred’s style but agree with annie v… as much as I love Paris’ street art, it’s really hard to condone it. Stuck in the middle…


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