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com emocao!

by Kasia on February 2, 2007

We decided to be proper tourists for a day and left the sanctity of our beach town for the sand dunes of Ponta Negra near Natal. With strong emotion, ‘com emocao’ as the Brazilians say, we had quite a ride in our little buggy, as our driver sped over the dunes and through the beaches (literally!). Genipabu was the most beautiful, I have become quite a connoissier in the last few weeks. It was our last beach day together, as Fabio departed for Jericoacoara’s windsurfing haven and we flew off to Bogota…


Praia da Pipa

by Kasia on January 28, 2007

I wonder how many times I will feel the sensation of paradise. here in Praia da Pipa life is very tranquil, surrounded by the sounds of the sea. This is a little beach town not far from Natal, a place frequented by foreigners seeking a place to relax, surf, and watch the sunset. And of course there is the nightly street party with all the life and energy that is so typically Brazilian. Every day the sights and sounds create a beautiful composition similar to the day before. This sensation of deja vu feels quite comforting as it brings a little bit of stability to a transient life. Yesterday I experienced a moment of awe at the sight of dolphins swimming by just feet away from my kayak. Tomorrow another adventure awaits, the sand dunes of Ponta Negra…


sleepy town of Olinda

January 28, 2007

TweetAs a cultural aside, we spent a few days in Olinda, one of Brazil’s best preserved colonial cities, filled with churches and artists ateliers, revealing Olinda as a historic bohemian city of pastel colors and cobblestones streets. A perfect momentary refuge from many days of beaches and nights of carousing. Until Praia da Pipa where […]

Fernando de Noronha

January 23, 2007

Tweet I am on an island virtually untouched by man. Some of the most beautiful beaches I have seen, surrounded by cliffs and a nature you cannot capture in words or photos. It is very underpopulated here, as only about 400 people are allowed on the island at once. So much for the nightlife! This […]

Salvador da Bahia

January 23, 2007

Tweet Salvador da Bahia was Brazil´s first capital and the most African influenced city, where blacks preserved the roots of their African culture. This is very evident in the rich, vibrant music and art, seen and heard around every street corner in the restored historical neighborhood of Pelhourinho. We saw the very popular local band […]

Arraial d’Ajuda

January 10, 2007

Tweet To the tunes of DJ Tiesto Sooji and I boarded a bus for a 24 hour ride…to head north, to the region of Bahia. our last days in Rio proved that Rio de Janeiro is indeed one of the most beautiful cities in the world (from what I have seen thus far). We spent […]

Rio in the rain…

January 4, 2007

Tweet There exists a beautiful quietude in Rio as a light rain falls and the beachgoers take shelter in the shopping malls and many of Ipanema’s corner cafes. Rather than indulge in an afternoon of caiparinhas, or yet another one, I decided to experience art in it’s simplest form, at the International Museum of Naive […]

Rio!! Happy New Year!

December 31, 2006

TweetI have often wondered about Rio de Janeiro, this city that makes everyone’s eyes light up. And now my curiosity can be satisfied. We arrived here on the 29th, and in very little time I felt the incredible energy and vibrancy here. Samba fills the sea air in this city which feels much like a […]