waiting for the spring…

It’s April in Paris, yet spring still feels far away. It’s been tough to stay motivated during this seemingly never-ending winter (I heard it even snowed in France today!) I’m doing my best to keep busy with designing, and am working on a new summer collection (soon to be revealed…). But until then, I wanted to share my latest video, to creatively demonstrate the versatility of my handbags.

To inspire the coming of spring, I’m offering a special promotion to my lovely (and fashionable) readers. Purchase any bag or purse from the Riviera Collection and receive another of your choice, as a complimentary gift! One for you, and one for a friend. Perfect for your summer travel plans!

Riviera Collection

Wishful thinking that spring (or at least summer) is right around the corner…


the designing life

Several years ago, inbetween a demanding career and a busy social life, I took one of my creative ideas and materialized it. Literally. I began to print fabric combining my affinity for minimalist designs with prints my mom created in the 70’s. I bought a sewing machine and voilà! Well, not exactly that easy but from those first handbag prototypes, that I so aptly titled ‘wearable art’, reversible no less, my designing life took off. With the help of a good friend, we put together a site and before I knew it I was being interviewed by the Japanese in NYC’s Bryant Park. They loved my hand-printed canvas bags for their uniqueness and versatility, especially the frog bag.

The ferns bag happens to be one of my favorites. Notice my first handmade labels!

In time I expanded my collections to include totes and clutches, the hamptons collection, and began to sell in boutiques all over NY and California. Since then, provence inspired by my travels in France.

Since moving to Paris, the path towards designing has not been an easy one. I faced one hurdle after another, namely finding a manufacturer. Oh, the adventures I have had in this quest! And all of this in a language not my own. Frustrated but determined, I bought another sewing machine and got to work, inspired by my travels and my new life in Europe. Prototypes were created and many an afternoon was spent in the garment districts between Montmartre and the Sentier. As luck or can I say karma would have it, one of my new ‘friends in the fabric world’ Jean-Claude, passed along a few names of local manufacturers, and I followed my instincts. With all the American optimism I could muster, I began production.

Many weeks, language lessons and production schedule revisions later, I am very happy and excited to reveal my latest reversible handbag creations. The tribal collection, inspired by places I have yet to visit and the retro collection, designs that remain timeless. Highlighted by the most beautiful backdrop of all, Paris. (I also designed a hand-printed collection inspired by life in the City of Lights.)

From Ile de la Cité to Place des Vosges, two of my favorite Parisian scenes.

As a big fan of big bags, I expanded on my totes (and clutches) with the earth and sky collection.

My new website is live! Thanks to my web designer, and very patient friend Bernard. I must also thank Evelyn, fellow designer and friend, and of course my Italian for all his business and design advice (who knew he had a knack for colors!). And all those who will soon be gifted with a handbag.

Take a look, order a handbag (just in time for the holidays!), and pass along to everyone you know. For new product updates and special promotions, join kasia dietz handbags on twitter and facebook.