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from Paris with love

by Kasia on February 14, 2013

It feels like a cliché writing about love on Valentine’s Day, in Paris, the city of romance. But in my opinion it’s a subject worth indulging, regardless of the day. And regardless of your status. Several months ago I wrote an article for HiP Paris, all about falling in love with Paris in a day, and with no one other than yourself. And in so doing, I often explore Paris, and fall in love with the city which I call home. Either alone or in good company (otherwise known as my Italian).

IMG_1585 IMG_1586

Photos taken with Instagram, for more images of Paris you can join me here.

Wishing you all a day, and a life, filled with LOVE!



{not just} another day

by Kasia on March 20, 2012

Little did I know that March 20th would forever remain a day to remember. Not merely because it’s Macaron Day, though this would certainly be reason enough to celebrate. Today marks 3 years since the dinner that started it all, after the meeting just days prior. To celebrate, I spent a memorable Paris weekend with dear friends of almost 20 years, each living their own unique love story, one in Istanbul and one in London. (Last year’s girls’ weekend was in London… next year Istanbul?) As we dined our way through Paris, we reminisced about the journeys that created our multi-cultural lives, and how much of these lives we have experienced with one another. For all of this, as our chapters continue to be written and shared, and winter turns to spring… I am grateful.

Now time to indulge in a few free macarons… I am in Paris after all!



romance defined

February 14, 2012

TweetValentine’s Day spent in the most romantic city in the world, or anywhere for that matter, can indeed be an experience in romance. I happen to be living what is classically considered a love affair, in Paris no less, but there is so much more to the term romance. 1. Ardent emotional attachment or involvement […]

marriage 101

October 11, 2011

TweetMarriage is defined as an intimate or close union. Today marks 4 months since that intimate union. Still, it feels like yesterday. Very often someone asks, has anything changed? Possibly fearing that through the commitment of marriage everything does inevitable change. Other than feeling more settled and better understanding what it means to be part […]

destiny defined

March 18, 2011

Tweetdestiny [ˈdɛstɪnɪ] n 1. the future destined for a person or thing; fate; fortune; lot 2. the predetermined or inevitable course of events 3. (Philosophy) the ultimate power or agency that predetermines the course of events My destiny (and I happen to believe all of the above) was defined exactly two years ago. On Prince […]

single to plural

March 11, 2011

Tweet In exactly 3 months, what I have known to be a single life will begin in the plural. I will be legally and ceremoniously committed to the man I met and  fell in love with almost 2 years ago. I’ve never been one to dream about a wedding, to envision myself  as a princess […]

The Fairytale

February 14, 2011

TweetHiP Paris asked me to write a post in honor of Valentine’s Day. How fitting! Considering that it was LOVE that brought me to the ‘City of Love’. Much like a dream (or fairytale) come true. The Fairytale The dream of every girl, particularly on Valentine’s Day, is to be swept away by a Prince […]

a love story

December 4, 2010

TweetThe most beautiful love story of my life, other than my own, began many years ago in the early 70′s. It was a meeting of two disparate souls, their paths forever altered by a chance encounter. (Sounds familiar?) My Mom and Dad met in London on the night before my father was to return to […]

a place of destiny

July 2, 2010

TweetGlobe-trotting foodie, Francophile, and a woman I greatly admire, Andi Fisher, author of the blog Misadventures with Andi, asked me to write a guest post about my Passion for Paris. I thought a lot about it, not wanting to describe in detail all the clichés that so often come to mind. I decided to write about how living […]

love in a day

May 7, 2010

TweetToday marks my anniversary of love. Not the day I met this handsome man so serendipitously on the street, nor the day I arrived to Paris to begin this grand adventure, but the day somewhere inbetween when we both knew our childhood dreams of love had finally been realized. I remember it all so well. The […]