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by Kasia on December 20, 2007

My final destination is paradise. I am living in a cabana on the Caribbean shores of Tulum. Falling asleep to a cacophony of waves and waking to a turquoise sea. Mornings of yoga and diving in the reefs and underground caves of the cenotes, afternoons spent walking the tranquil beaches, reading the books of others as I write my own…simply and beautifully detached from the world. With scarce electricity, the stars illuminate the night sky. Time ceases to exist, this privilege of time that is mine for moments longer. My mind is filled with thoughts as I recollect the grand adventure that has been my life for so many days and nights. The perfect place in which to find respite as one chapter closes and another begins…

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Playa del Carmen

by Kasia on December 15, 2007

I stopped for the weekend in Playa del Carmen, a touristy spot known for its limitless social escapades. Here I met with Magda and her friends from Krakow who were enjoying the life of hedonism under the Mexican sun. Evelyn too was here and along with her cohorts from NYC we hit the town for a night of innocent debauchery.


Isla Mujeres

December 11, 2007

TweetThe island of women. This is where Sooji and I indulged in a last reunion after many months of solo travel, to recount our moments created together and apart. Upon these blissful shores I said goodbye to my dearest travel companion as she returned to NYC, to another life and time. I bask in the […]

Museo Nacional de Antropología

December 9, 2007

Tweet Behold the wonders of the Aztecs and the Mayans…

San Ángel

December 8, 2007

Tweet Saturday was spent in San Ángel, my favorite suburb of Mexico City, once a village that the viceroys and elite favoured for their country houses.

Frida and Diego

December 8, 2007

Tweet Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo, two famous Mexican painters united by passion and Communist views, leading to a shared life of even greater passion and pain resulting in great masterpieces. Evelyn and I spent the day at Diego’s studio, where his most entertaining neighbor Angie gave us a personal account of the lives of […]


December 8, 2007

Tweet The city of Teotihuacán was built two thousand years ago by an unknown race, and had been in ruins for over 600 years when the Aztecs rediscovered it and called it ‘the place where gods were born’. This was in fact the first great city of the western hemisphere. It was truly an incredible […]

Mexico City!

December 6, 2007

Tweet 12 hours, 4 films and many thoughts later, I landed in Mexico City, the beginning of the end of my grand adventure. I am living in the most charming home in Condesa, an artists refuge called The Red Tree House, which was recently opened to soulful travelers by a most hospitable Mexican named Jorge. […]