Rising Waters

As anyone who has been in Paris lately knows, we’ve been experiencing London’s many shades of gray and more rainy days than usual. Gray doesn’t necessarily look bad on Paris (it’s winter after all) but it’s the rain that’s problematic. Apparently this is the wettest winter since 1952! And the high waters, reminiscent of 2016, are causing all sorts of complications in the French capital. Some of those living close to the river have had to evacuate, many bridges are closed to cars, certain underground trains aren’t running, boat tours have ceased, and even part of the famed Louvre is shut. Thankfully, tourists will be happy to know THATMuse is still running!

I hadn’t realized the severity of the flooding until I took a walk along the Seine and our usual picnic spot wasn’t even visible. All the paths along the river are in fact flooded, shocking! What’s more, the rains aren’t over yet.

When I was contacted by NBC to speak about the impact of the current flooding on work and tourism, I knew it was dire. Here’s the clip of the Today Show from Saturday morning January 27th.

This lamp post on the picturesque Île Saint-Louis is probably one of the most photographed shots from this year’s flood, and where so many have previously taken photos, myself included. Here’s hoping the rains cease and the waters recede tout de suite! I’ll keep you posted via Instagram

home sweet Paris

It’s true that to be truly happy we must appreciate not only who we are and what we have but also where we are. This means to make the most of wherever we call home. There are several places close to my heart, but these last 5 years, it’s Paris that I am lucky to call my home. With all it’s flaws and imperfections (those who have lived here know what I’m talking about), but much like a person, no place is perfect. There are certainly days in which I miss the chaos of New York City, or the calm of Westhampton Beach, but there is certainly no place as beautiful as Paris. And I have seen a lot.


A few days ago, I took a walk along the Seine.


It is here that I often find myself on early evenings.


I had a rendezvous with my Italian, but kept walking and walking…


Captivated by the light on this late summer evening.


And this is when it occurred to me exactly how lucky I am.