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the wedding

two years

by Kasia on June 11, 2013

Today we celebrate our second wedding anniversary. It feels like just yesterday, our wedding on the sea. Yet time and experiences have filled these days with memories. Our life in Paris grows deeper and our bond even stronger. To celebrate, a few memories from then, which we smile upon now.




And this is only the beginning.


marriage 101

by Kasia on October 11, 2011

Marriage is defined as an intimate or close union. Today marks 4 months since that intimate union.

Still, it feels like yesterday. Very often someone asks, has anything changed? Possibly fearing that through the commitment of marriage everything does inevitable change. Other than feeling more settled and better understanding what it means to be part of a self-designed family, nothing has changed. And that is the way I would like to keep it. How exactly do I plan to do this? By doing exactly what we did beforewe were married.

1. spontaneous dates (even just an apero after work)

2. romantic getaways (another trip to the Loire perhaps?)

3. love notes (most often left behind on my way to a girls night…)

4. sweet nothings via text (a modern version of the above)

5. speak about everything & laugh often

Most important and obvious of all, never take each other for granted. Creating this union, whether married, paxed, or simply commited on your own terms, is one of the most beautiful gifts of life.

I’m sure as the months turn into years I will have a few more to add to the list…


at last

July 11, 2011

TweetAt last, the wedding song. Did we have one? Not officially. Many months ago when the fairytale began, my Italian and I happened to be in my hometown of Westhampton Beach while the great Etta James was performing. She being one of my all time most loved singers. Me being ecstatic to see her perform […]

homemade traditions

July 5, 2011

TweetOne of the most memorable chapters of my life took place on a recent sunny day high up on a cliff, overlooking the Mediterranean. Throughout our Greek island-hopping honeymoon (many adventures which I will soon share), thoughts of our wedding left me feeling warm and somehow, complete. All the many months of planning this international […]

wedding on the sea

June 19, 2011

TweetTwo hundred steps above the sea to the monastery… With little angels to guide the way. In the late afternoon sunlight the princess meets her prince. A sacred moment following the exchange of vows, in English and Italian. A kiss as ‘husband and wife’. The view of  forever.

queen for a day

June 6, 2011

TweetOn June 11th, I will be a married woman. A madame. For this one day, I will feel like a queen. What exactly does that mean? I have been thinking a lot about what happens in the process of ‘getting married’, other than a lot of chaos, planning and stress. Followed of course by much celebration […]

confetti confessions

June 3, 2011

TweetPlanning a wedding in Italy I have been learning many of the traditions. Aside from the fact that you don’t dance at Italian weddings (a tradition I plan on breaking), I am looking forward to our ‘traditional’ Italian wedding and all the customs that come with it, with a few nuances of our own. One […]

best in show

May 5, 2011

TweetOn a recent trip to Genoa, I was lucky enough to attend the Euroflora which takes place once every four years. Considering I am currently on the quest for wedding flowers, it was perfect timing! My Italian too was excited to indulge in this international flower festival, even more so when he saw my face […]