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tailor made

by Kasia on May 5, 2007

I am trapped in a world of tailors and fittings. Of the over 200 tailors in Hoi An I have been to 6, maybe 7…with approximately 4 fittings in each I now have 4 dresses, 2 jackets, 1 suit and a pair of shorts. So rewarding and exhausting to create your own wardrobe! not sure what happened to traveling lightly…

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Hoi An

by Kasia on May 4, 2007

 I have found a place to call home, at least for a few days. Hoi An is a charming village, filled with the finest eateries in which a 3-course meal at a 4 star restaurant costs $5. I wonder just how many spring rolls I can eat!? I can’t speak much for the sights as I have taken a break from visiting temples and taken to visiting the tailor shops, perhaps more exhausting than silent prayer. the streets are filled with galleries exhibiting paintings by young local talent. These lacquer compositions reveal a sentimentality that speaks from the soul of an artist.

My latest acquisition as my art collection grows, by a young Vietnamese artist reminiscent of Paul Klee, one of my most beloved artists. 


Halong Bay

May 4, 2007

Tweet For 2 days I lived on a ‘junk’ boat, with 12 other equally adventurous souls. Lost admidst 950 miles of mysterious limestone formations rising out of the clear, emerald waters of the Gulf of Bac Bo. Meals of fresh caught fish, a morning of kayaking, cave exploration and beaches…some of the most wondrous natural […]


April 28, 2007

TweetI am living in the Old Quarter of Hanoi, where life spills into the streets. Women sit huddled together in conversation over bowls of noodles, cooked in a pan at their side. The soft, almost melodic hum of scooters weaves through the crowds of pedestrians and bicyclists. I sit and observe over a cup of […]

Mekong Delta

April 26, 2007

TweetA day was spent at the Mekong Delta, a scenic river with lush green canals, home to many local farmers. A land of nature and tranquility. From a bus to a motor boat to a rowboat to a taxi to a plane to Hanoi…

Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon)

April 23, 2007

TweetIt is here in Vietnam that exhaustion has finally caught up with me. This is a rapidly moving city, everyone seems to be zipping by on a scooter, and to cross the street is quite an interactive experience. Perhaps it’s the intense heat or over-stimulation of the past four months, or perhaps the desire to […]