It shouldn’t be just one day a year that we sit down with those dearest to us and express gratitude for that which is truly important in life. Having each other. Sharing this experience of life. Knowing what a true friend is, and being one. We should express kindness and gratitude daily, through the smallest gestures, even with people we don’t know. After all, kindness is contagious. And I for one am a believer in karma.

I used to write more personally on my blog and will take a moment to share what I am truly grateful for, given that it’s Thanksgiving. I hope you will do the same, today, or whenever you feel the need. Especially when life is dealing you a bad hand, take a look at what IS rather than what ISN’T. You’ll see how blessed you are.

1. My Italian. A man who I can truly rely on and who loves me through all the good moments and the bad.

2. My mom. A strong and loving woman who I admire and look up to and hope one day to have the same relationship with a child of my own.

3. My friends. I often joke that I collect people, but in a way it’s true. There are some of those people that shine more brightly and our bond becomes unbreakable. Whether we live in the same city, or half a world away. These friends are forever.

4. My life. The strength & resolve to create my own life and live it by my own rules, not those set by anyone else.

5. My work. The creative mind and courage to do what I truly love and follow my heart. Designing and writing fill me with SO MUCH, and to be able to share what I create and write, this means everything.

6. My homes. Everyday I wake up and feel blessed to live in Paris, well, almost every day. As tough as the life of an expat can be, I am so much richer for this experience. And calling the Italian Riviera home, my town in Poland, New York City and the Hamptons. I am truly blessed.

7. My travels. One of the best educations is travel. What we experience and learn is something that no one can take away from us and means so much more than any material possessions. At least for me.

I could go on, but it’s soon time to meet some of these friends I mentioned, and spend an evening of gratitude together. Wishing you too, a day filled with thanks.

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  1. Andi November 23, 2017

    Kasia, I am grateful to have met you and flutter in and out of your life. You are not just a beautiful woman but you have a beautiful soul.

    • Kasia November 30, 2017

      That is so kind of you Andi, thank you! I’m grateful to share Paris with you.

  2. Sonja November 23, 2017

    Thank you for the beautiful post. I hope we all remember to star the day tomorrow saying and thinking the same things.

    • Kasia November 30, 2017

      I agree. We must try our best to express gratitude daily.

  3. Fatima Gholem November 24, 2017

    What an inspiring post, thank you Kasia. We should all be thankful to be healthy and have our loved ones.

    • Kasia November 30, 2017

      You are right dear Fatima, health is most important of all, as are those we love. Bises!


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