The Dream Life of Suzanne Flenard

Moving to a foreign country, as challenging as it is, can afford us the privilege of redefining ourselves by asking the question ‘Who am I and what do I really want to do?’, versus following a path that might not lead to fulfillment, which to us New Yorkers, often means climbing the corporate ladder.

Suzanne Flenard is one such savvy ex-New York gal I met along the expat way. She and her partner Jeremy decided to take a ‘break’ from the grind of life in NYC, having both lived there for over 15 years. Six months of a break has now turned into 3 years and they have never looked back. Paris very quickly became home. Might I add that home to them looks much like a boutique hotel in the Marais, très chic!

As a seasoned professional in the world of interiors, working with furniture companies such as Design Within Reach (one of my personal favorites), Suzanne always had the desire to create something of her own. It was over lunch one day with a mutual friend that we brainstormed ideas for her vision. Over the course of several months, Suzanne set her designing mind into motion. While her foodie partner was busy exploring the gourmet markets of Paris, Suzanne spent many an afternoon carousing Montmartre and the Sentier in search of just the right fabrics (an exercise I know well), not to mention the virtual world… I introduced her to my trusted manufacturer… she impressively designed her own website… et voilà! Square Modern came to life.

What exactly is Square Modern and why is it so unique and eco-friendly? In the words of Suzanne…

Square modern is a limited edition collection of pillows/cushions using reclaimed designer fabric remnants. The idea came about as an interest to introduce the European Community to “Mid-Century Modern” textile designs, in addition to other beautiful modern classics, popular in the United States. These designer fabrics are selected from some of the most exclusive textile manufacturers that exist today: Maharam, Kvadrat, Knoll and Kravet. Square Modern uses primarily reclaimed fabric remnants, often found in limited supply. Therefore, the collection is produced in limited quantity and will continuously change as interesting textiles become available. All cushions are produced in Paris.

I am very proud and excited for Suzanne, living her dream in Paris, a life she could not have foreseen in New York. I for one, possessing a passion for interior design, particularly mid-century modern, already have my eye on a few coussins…

Square Modern is based in Paris and available internationally. Join on Facebook and Twitter to keep up to date with the latest limited edition pillows!

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  1. Sweet Freak March 16, 2012

    Go, Suzanne! (And Kasia!) Here’s to the dream life!

  2. Those pillows are GORGEOUS!!! I especially love the cream one with the red squiggles in the back of the sofa. Thanks so much for the heads up! I’ll have a look into Square Modern once I am up and about again. 🙂

    x Milsters

  3. Looooove these pillows!

    • Kasia March 20, 2012

      Aren’t they uniquely gorgeous Andi?

  4. Daisy de Plume March 17, 2012

    What a very elegant line! Thank you for sharing. Will take a look at Square Modern now — and to build one’s own website is no small feat! Impressive, Suzanne!

  5. ParisienSalon March 18, 2012

    Absolutely gorgeous! I’m definitely going to take a look!!

    • Kasia March 20, 2012

      You will LOVE these pillows Linda!

  6. Lovely work! But how does one get to “just” stay in France for 3 years? You feature many people who must have amazing immigration lawyers. Auto-entrepreneur status is new, and difficult.

  7. wearable art May 10, 2012

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  8. L'Amour (or less) February 22, 2013

    […] their dreams, on French soil. Whether it be in the form of American-style cupcakes, sweet stories, designer pillows, or even treasure hunts in the Louvre, each of these women is following her passion. I am proud to […]

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