Ever since I can remember I wanted to travel the world. To explore the many places I had often read and dreamt about, which had begun to take permanent residence in my mind. How does the rest of the world live, I all too often wondered.

One day while sitting in my office on Madison Avenue (quite literally living the dream of any advertising professional) I experienced a moment of clarity. After 10 years of a successful career and an established life in NYC, it was time.

Within 5 months I quit my job, bid farewell to dear friends, packed a bag (very strategically I might add), and began what can surely be called ‘The Great Adventure of my Single Life’. (As if living in NYC is not a grand adventure in itself!) A good friend joined me for part of the trip, and for her I am forever grateful.

Beginning in December 2006, I spent 13 months traveling within 5 continents. In the end my journey took me throughout 32 countries, beginning in the dynamic neighborhood of Palermo Viejo in Buenos Aires and ending in a little thatched hut on the Yucatan in Tulum, Mexico. (Needless to say, I was tired!) Upon returning to the USA, I felt uniquely empowered. Surely this journey was the most insightful experience of my life, teaching me much more about myself than in my 10 years living in New York City. Not to mention the life lessons learned along the way.

It was during those days, in an attempt to keep in touch with friends and family, that my first blog came to life. (Many late nights spent in Japanese ‘all-you-can-drink-coffee’ Internet cafes!) Well worth the time spent. It was a perfect means in which to reflect upon what I was experiencing in the moment. And now quite simply, it’s proof that it was not merely a dream. My travels are found in the archives beginning with Buenos Aires and Rio in December 2006 and ending with Tulum, Mexico in December 2007 (with many an adventure in between)!

I spent 3 weeks of my trip in Paris, considering it a place where I would like to live. And here I am, living another grand adventure. Be mindful and focused on what you wish for, it can certainly come true.

For the last 7 years I’ve been happily living in Paris and often find myself exploring the home of my Italian, Cinque Terre on the Italian Riviera. Rarely without a ticket booked to a new destination, we are always ready to discover more of France, Greece (I’ve already been to 14 of the islands), Turkey, Morocco, Spain… and of course my homes, New York City and the Hamptons.